Do Shipping Containers Have Doors on Both Ends? What to know

February 15, 2024

Do Shipping Containers Have Doors on Both Ends? What to know

Shipping containers come in varying designs and sizes. Most of these boxes have a double door on one end. However, we have a special type of storage box called a double-door shipping container.

Double-door shipping containers have two sets of double doors, one on each end. The two double doors enhance convenience when loading, unloading, and sorting goods.

At Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage, we offer double-door shipping container solutions throughout Arkansas and parts of Texas. You can buy or rent our shipping boxes for personal, residential, commercial, and governmental applications. 

Explore the various double-door containers from this post to help you choose one that meets your needs.

Double Door Container Sizes 

Double-door shipping boxes come in different sizes. At Hugg & Hall, we have three sizes of double-door boxes for rent or purchase. They include 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft high cube containers. All these containers are ISO certified and CSC plated making them suitable for road, sea, and rail transportation.

  1. 20ft Double Door Container 

The 20ft double-door shipping container is about 6058 mm long, 2438mm wide, and 2591mm high. Their approximate capacity is 33m³.

If you have a project involving loading on both sides of the tunnel,  this 20ft container comes in handy. For example, business owners selling two types of goods can load and offload one type through one end and another type through the other end.

Contractors can also use this container in construction sites to block passage for safety. By closing the hours on either end, you prevent passersby from entering a site where work is in progress.

  1. 40ft Double Door Container 

40ft double door containers measure 12000mm long, 2430mm wide, and 2600mm high (40 ft x 8 ft x 8 ft 6 inch). Their heavy steel bodies make them durable and easy to clean.

You can use the 40ft double door containers whose capacity is about 66m³ as a tunnel in addition to storage and transportation of goods. If you are working on a mining camp, a 40ft double door is a safe passageway for your team.

The 40ft storage box also offers ground-level or high-security storage for heavy goods. The 8-6 inch floors support forklift and pallet jack, making your work easier when unloading bulky goods.

  1. 40ft HC Double Door Container

40ft HC double door containers are 1 foot taller than the standard 40ft container. Measuring 12030 mm long, 2350mm wide, and 2690mm high (40ftx8ftx8ft 18 inch), these containers are ideal for transporting bulky and oversized goods.

Like the standard boxes, 40 ft HC containers are made of heavy gauge steel. If you have large-sized goods such as lorries and trucks, the 40ft HC is your go-to storage container.

Why Choose Double Door Shipping Containers?

Now you know the double-door container sizes available for a rent-to-own and purchase in Hugg & Hall. Let’s look at the pros of double-door containers.

  • They enhance easier access to stored items. Double-door storage containers offer you access from either end. It is easier to pick up or unload stored items from the two ends, unlike single-door containers where you have to move the items near the door to access those on the other end.

Besides, goods such as electronic appliances can get damaged when you keep shifting them from one place to another. 

  • Double door containers allow for modification. Double-door storage boxes have more uses in addition to storage and transportation. For example, you can convert them to offices, smaller business units, and hallways. Depending on personal preference and business needs, you will need to adjust their sizes and modify their appearance.

Suppose you want to create a hallway for your business offices. Joining multiple containers is simple because you only need to remove the double door on one end.

You can also replace the double doors with glass or wooden ones for aesthetic appeal.

  • Speeds up execution of business processes. Time is precious, especially in business. One way to satisfy customers is to serve them promptly. You can achieve this through fast loading and unloading of goods.

A 2-door storage container allows your staff to load and unload goods on either side. While loading, they can also sort goods and store them in different compartments making it easier to locate them. This feature enhances convenience and quick execution of business processes.

Where to Use Double Door Containers 

Individuals, businesses, and government offices use double-door containers for the following activities.

  1. Shipping bulky cargo. The ease of loading and unloading bulky goods makes double-door boxes ideal for their storage. Loading and unloading a truck or car into a double door container is easier than the standard container. 

Furthermore, having two doors allows your team to sort and unload items faster with minimal disturbance. You can partition the container into two and place similar goods on one side.

  1. Makeshift tunnels in construction sites. Contractors can create pathways in construction sites using double door containers. Their durability and ease of installation makes the containers ideal for makeshift tunnels. You only need to remove the double door on one end and connect the storage box to another one.
  2. Commercial houses and offices. Are you a business owner in need of space? You can convert double door containers to commercial houses and offices. Instead of putting up a structure from scratch, our designers can help you modify the boxes and recommend ideal interior decor fixtures.
  3. Storage space while moving houses. Double door boxes are ideal storage solutions when shifting houses. Their heavy steel bodies will protect your household items against water and excessive heat.

Furthermore, you can create partitions within the container and store related items together. For example, you can have electronics in one compartment and kitchenware in another. Doing so makes it easy to spot them while moving into your new house.

Get Your Double Door Container From Hug & Hall Mobile Storage Today

Do you need a double door for personal, commercial or government application purposes? If yes, Hug & Hall mobile storage solutions have all you need. 
We offer customers storage units in standard sizes to meet your storage and shipping needs. What is more? Our skilled welders will customize the containers according to your preference. You can visit our offices at Little Rock or Jonesboro for free consultation or get in touch here and talk to us.