Five Shipping Container Business Ideas for Foodies

April 11, 2023

Five Shipping Container Business Ideas for Foodies

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Are you looking for an affordable way to get your food or beverage business off the ground? Then check out our five shipping container business ideas for foodies!

Shipping containers are an excellent choice for small business owners, and Hug & Hall Mobile Storage has retail mobile storage units that are the perfect size to accommodate any foodie’s growing business.

Below are five shipping container business ideas with reasons why shipping containers are the best option for your business.

Why Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to provide a business owner with a mobile storefront or pop-up shop.

There are various shipping container business ideas, all of which come without construction delays and high utility costs.

Designing custom interiors, adding solar panels, and easy modifications can be made to fit the exact needs of your business, all while saving you money long-term.

1. Bakery

Many small bakery owners use social media as their sole source of sales because of the high costs of renting a storefront.

A portable shipping container gives bakers full access to a kitchen while allowing for open travel to events where baked goods can be sold in person. 

2. Bar & Lounge

Bars and lounges typically provide a laid-back environment for friends to meet up for drinks after a long week, and there is nothing more mellow than serving alcohol from a shipping container.

For days when big sports games are on and the bar is a bit more lively, a shipping container’s indoor/outdoor potential will make the space less crowded and more enjoyable for guests.

As a bonus, reserving spots at big street fairs or being hired for weddings is much easier with a mobile bar and lounge.

3. Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are go-to destinations for first dates, visits with friends, quality time with mom, and working professionals.

The vibe of a coffee shop has to fit every scenario, and a shipping container coffee shop will give people something to talk about and get the creative juices flowing.

4. Greenhouse

For small produce farmers looking for an incredibly unique shipping container business idea, containers are perfect for bringing your greenhouse to weekly farmer’s markets.

Grow fresh herbs and vegetables, and harvest them fresh for each customer.

And if you’re concerned about the feasibility of a successful shipping container greenhouse–don’t be–Students at the University of Arkansas have proven just how fruitful a shipping container greenhouse can be.

5. Restaurant

Restaurants built from container ships are great for indoor/outdoor dining experiences and provide ample cooking and storage space.

There is even a shipping container restaurant right here in Arkansas called The Root Cafe.

Owners Jack and Corri Sundell used a large grant to purchase eight shipping containers to expand their small eatery. Six containers created more dining and kitchen space, another is an office, and the last has become their walk-in freezer.

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