STORMBOX: Keep Your Most Valuable Possessions Safe


STORMBOX is designed and built by Hugg and Hall Mobile Storage, a leader in the mobile storage industry. Our commitment to excellence ensures superior construction and performance. Our shelters are reliable, easy to set up and extremely durable—giving you the security of knowing you will be safe during any emergency or natural disaster.

Why Is A STORMBOX Safer Than An Underground Shelter?


A STORMBOX shelter offers a much safer option than an underground shelter in many instances.

  • shelters are built using galvanized steel for superior protection and strength, providing the ultimate in storm resistance.
  • shelters also offer superior insulation and heavy-duty locking mechanisms to help keep you secure during any emergency or natural disaster.
  • is not prone to flooding.
  • Additionally, shelters can be set up quickly and easily—giving you the security of knowing you will be safe when disaster strikes.

With its durable construction and easy setup, this is the ideal shelter solution for individuals or families looking for reliable refuge in times of crisis. Choose STORMBOX as your go-to safe room and shelter today!

How Are STORMBOX’s Made?

Our shelters and safe rooms are made in the USA and crafted from industrial grade steel. Their construction is designed to stand up to extreme weather and provide superior protection. Our shelters are engineered with air intake and exhaust systems, as well as cooling fans, so that occupants remain comfortable even during intense storms or other emergenices. We knows it’s essential that families feel safe under the stress of a storm or catastrophic event – our shelter provides security inside, while their exteriors help protect against the forces of nature outside. With their robust design, our shelters can withstand winds over 250 mph!

Our team works closely with leading engineers to ensure their products meet safety standards for both residential and commercial installations. STORMBOX shelters meet or exceed safety protocols established by FEMA and ICC-500, and are third-party tested for safety ratings.

You can find out more at – learn why this is the premier choice for safe rooms and storm shelters, and get started on your journey to peace of mind!

How Long Does A STORMBOX Last?

Shelters are designed to last a lifetime. The shelters are crafted from industrial grade steel and corrosion-proofed with zinc, which can withstand even the worst of weather conditions. We stands by its commitment to quality, so we guarantee your storm shelter or safe room will stay strong and secure.

With a STORMBOX, you know you’re getting unparalleled protection from Mother Nature’s worst. No matter where you live in the US, these storm boxes have a wide variety of customizable options for any budget – so don’t hesitate: take control of your safety today!

What Kind Of Natural Disasters Or Dangers Can STORMBOX Provide Safety For?

Our stormbox shelter have been designed to provide superior storm protection from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Our shelters can also help protect against intruders or home invaders – the thick steel walls and locking mechanisms make this a great solution for those seeking added protection.

In addition to providing physical safety, our shelter offers peace of mind in the face of danger – whether it’s a hurricane in your area or a possible intruder situation at home. With our reliable construction, dependable security features, and easy-to-use air intake & exhaust systems, we help give you the confidence you need to stay safe during any emergency. Visit


By investing in a shelter today, you can be sure that you’re getting protection that lasts for generations – only with STORMBOX! For safety and security whenever you need it. Visit or contact us today to get started today!