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Shipping Container Office Cost: What to Know to Choose Well

Jan 23, 2024

Shipping containers offer incredible versatility for commercial goals. You can use a compact setup with a single container or create a more spacious office by stacking and joining multiple containers. A shipping container office can also fulfill the functions of a traditional office, as its mobility adds an extra dimension. 

Understanding all the details of any shipping container office cost is essential. In this article, we guide you to make an informed decision when acquiring one, ensuring you understand the financial aspects involved.

Factors Influencing Shipping Container Office Costs

To acquire a shipping container office, you can either rent, purchase, or rent-to-own. All these options have varying costs ranging from $1,400 to $50,000. This wide cost range  is influenced by these factors:

1. Condition of the container. New containers will always be more expensive than used ones. This is because:

  • The cost of manufacturing is high as it involves the purchase of raw materials, energy, and labor.
  • Have no wear and tear
  • Have a longer lifespan
  • Often in high demand

On the other hand, used containers are more affordable because they have wear and tear, so they aren’t normally free from rust, dents, and scratches, reducing their face value.

2. Size of the container. More space means more expensive. So, you choose which size of shipping container you want as they primarily  come in 10’, 20’, and 40’variations. Here are the specifications of the different sizes of shipping container offices we have at Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage:

  • 10′ office/guard shack. It is 10′ long, 8′ wide and 8′ high ceiling.
  • 20′ office & storage. It is 20′ long divided into 10′ office, and 10′ storage. It is also 8′ wide and 8′ high ceilings.
  • 40′ office. It is 40′ long, 8′ wide, and 8′ high ceilings.
  • 40′ office & storage. It is 40′ long, divided into 18′ office, and 22′ storage. It is also 8′ wide with an 8-high ceiling.

All these shipping container office options come with a 1/4′ paneling wood floor painted and sealed with a non-slip finish.

3. Distance and accessibility. Transportation costs vary depending on where the shipping container is and where it’s being delivered.

4. Additional features and add-ons. If you want a customized shipping container, your costs will rise to $50,000 or more. Some of the customization you can do is advanced security features such as advanced locking systems or surveillance installations. You can also include customized windows and doors.

5. The type of insulation you use adds to your cost. For example, while spray foam is widely used, basic insulation such as fiberglass may be less expensive.

You can, however, apply for credit from lenders who specialize in shipping container offices, such as our own team.

Tips for Choosing an Affordable Shipping Container

Before you settle for a shipping container, here are tips to help you choose an affordable shipping container for your office:

  • A. Compare prices from different suppliers. It will help you understand which provider you can afford. However, be very keen by asking the kind of service the cost of acquiring will provide you. Some providers may charge more to deliver to the shipping container office after a specific distance. Furthermore, the shipping container may arrive without any customization, costing you more to make it livable.
  • B. Consider used containers. Since new containers are expensive, opt for used containers. However, check whether you can withstand the wear and tear by repairing the container as it may end up being more expensive to own a used shipping container than a new one.
  • C. Don’t be afraid to look for the best deal. When you settle on the shipping container you want, don’t pay without asking for a discount or extra customer service like washing it or providing tips on how to keep your container’s exterior looking good. Ensure you get full value for your money but pointing out any repairs or customizations you need to do. However, be open to compromise, as being too hard to negotiate may cause you to miss out on a good deal.
  • D. Look for deals and promotions. If you are okay with waiting for deals and promotions to buy a shipping container, it will save you money. You can also search online for any deals but before you pay ensure you or someone you trust can physically inspect the shipping container.
  • E. Calculating long-term costs. In addition to looking for ways  to cut costs, plan for a long-term cost-effective shipping container from your office. A new container is usually expensive, but since it doesn’t come with any wear and tear, you end up getting more value for your money especially if you maintain it well. So, before you start looking for a cheaper option, ensure that the maintenance cost is lower than purchasing a new or already customized shipping container.

Purchase a Sturdy Shipping Container From Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage

Given that most people spend more time in the office than in any other space, you should settle for a durable one, especially if it’s a shipping container.

Steel containers are very durable and therefore withstand heavy loads or machinery. Also, steel is highly resistant to weather that causes rust and corrosion like rain, which enhances its durability.

At Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage we ensure that you can comfortably afford the shipping container office you want by offering credit applications for both commercial and residential customers

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