Construction Site Portable Storage

Portable Storage can be a storage savior for busy contractors. Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage offers an array of portable storage containers that make storing tools, materials and equipment safe and secure on the job site. Whether it’s short-term or long-term construction projects, Hugg & Hall has the solution to store more with less space. With their durable construction and easy access options, Hugg & Hall mobile storage containers can provide added convenience for all kinds of job sites. 

Construction Site Storage Use

Used as office space, storage space, or a combination of both, Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage units are a handy addition to any construction site. With heavy-duty security features to protect against theft and vandalism, our steel containers are tough enough to get the job done. Some construction-specific uses include:

  • Storage for tools, equipment and materials in a heavy-gauge steel container
  • High-capacity floors and door openings designed for forklift and pallet jack use
  • Our 22-foot containers are perfect for plumbing, electrical and flooring contractors needing to store pipe, conduit and flooring material too long to fit in a standard 20-foot container
  • Double door units provide more light, access and ventilation options for a wide range of applications


Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage can provide virtually any modification to our containers. Our full-service fabrication shop and trained welders can tackle any special project to ensure your Mobile Storage unit is exactly what you need. Our custom fabricated containers are perfect for use in training exercises, unique storage solutions, temporary stackable living quarters, and offices outfitted to your specification.

Contact Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage For You Construction Storage Needs

It’s very common in the construction industry to use storage containers for a variety of uses. From storing tools and materials to keeping hazardous waste away from the job site, portable storage is an ideal solution when space is limited. Hugg & Hall offers both new and used containers that can be easily transported to any job site, making it easy to store items securely without taking up valuable space onsite. Contact us today to get started.