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For Sale

Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage offers NEW AND USED CONTAINERS FOR SALE. For your permanent and long-term storage solutions, purchasing ready-to-deliver containers may be the answer. Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage can supply you with the containers you need in all the standard sizes.

All Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage units are made of high quality, durable materials and are built to last. With Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage you don’t have to worry about your storage needs as they provide a variety of portable solutions to suit any budget and application. All used containers are "Cargo Worthy” so these units will keep your contents dry and secure for years to come.  

Used Storage Containers for Sale

Most of the used container units for sale are standard “Cargo Worthy” which is a grade above “Wind and Water Tight” units. These containers normally have the markings of a shipping line on the side, come in various colors and have been used extensively but are very tough and manufactured to last a very long time. All used containers vary in terms of cosmetics, we recommend when possible, a visit to our container yard to hand pick the container to fit your purpose. These units come in standard 20′ and 40′ lengths.

New Containers for Sale

New containers are actually “One Trip” containers. These units are manufactured overseas and shipped with one cargo load directly to us. These units are not labeled by the shipping line and are much better cosmetically than any other container offered. These units are typically beige, gray or blue in color. Some are available with a lock box, high locking gear, fork pockets, and extra ventilation. Units are available with a door on both ends as well. These units are offered in 8′, 10′, 20′ and 40′ sizes. All units for sale are 8′ wide and 8’6″ or 9’-6” tall.

Modified Units For Sale

Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage offers custom modification services. We have our own fabrication shop with experienced welders who have been modifying containers since 1995 and have experience with a diverse variety of products. We will customize any unit, either rental or sales, to your specifications. If you need windows or an additional walk thru door – you got it. Want it your company or school color? We can do that. Want it camo? We can do that, too!

Container Canopies For Sale

Get out of the rain and snow with these durable, protective container canopies. Engineered for the harshest weather conditions. Easy 1-2 day installation with no welding. Great for agriculture, industry and hunting clubs. Available in many sizes and coverage areas.
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Is Security Important to You?

For most customers, security is the primary concern when renting or buying a storage unit. We offer a high-security locking system and/or LockBox for added protection of your property.


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Construction Sites need protection from theft and vandalism. Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage provides a variety of secure storage products to meet any site's need.
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Industrial Sites need protection from theft and vandalism. Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage provides a variety of secure storage products to meet any industrial need.
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Be ready for the busy season with a Hugg and Hall Retail Mobile Storage unit. When demand grows, get extra space in a safe and affordable way.
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Hotels & Restaurants

Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage can provide the temporary storage needed for your next minor and major remodel.
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Special Events, Parks & Rec

Parks, Golf Courses, Resorts, Agricultural and Hunting Clubs all have seasonal needs for storing landscaping items, equipment, and supplies during peak seasons.
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Government & Military

We have a proven track record for providing containers to the military. We can provide storage containers or container offices built to your specification.
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Medical & Business Products

Health care facilities and the business services community use storage units for emergency preparedness and the storage of documents, supplies and equipment.
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NEED MORE SPACE? The possibilities are endless with your choice of either a portable 10', 20' or 40' container.
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testimonial quote
Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage has provided me outstanding service for 13 years. Their drivers are professional, courteous and skilled at delivering and picking up the containers on our job sites.
- Ben Sisson, Baldwin & Shell Construction
testimonial quote
Thank you for all your help and please also pass on my compliments to the delivery driver and his management. He was very professional and put that container in a very confined place with ease.
- Russell Smith, Natl Account Mgr- Kenco Fleet Services
testimonial quote
William was very kind and went out of his way to get the box where I needed it.
- Steve Armer
testimonial quote
Good morning. Wanted to say thanks for the conex rental last week at Centennial Park in Fayetteville. Your delivery guy did a great job on both ends. Appreciate the timely service.
- Art Daves Medalist Sports
testimonial quote
Jason & Kevin were wonderful to work with. I am thrilled w/ our box and how professionally the transaction was handled. You guys are a great business to work with.
- Mrs. Claude Baker
testimonial quote
He is the most caring, knowledgeable, and professional person I have ever dealt with.” “He took our needs and wants into consideration; you do not find that type of customer service these days” “I spoke with Scotties and would gladly pay more to have this kind of experience.” “I will recommend HHMS to any and everyone”
- Jacqueline Baker
testimonial quote
Your driver, Caleb, was the nicest man I have ever met. His mom needs to be told that she raised him right.
- Coleen Merritt


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