Product Applications

Portable Storage Product Applications

Lets talk about Portable storage product applications from Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage are the perfect choices for anyone looking for a cost-effective and flexible storage solution. Our mobile storage products can be used in many different ways, ranging from transporting goods safely between locations to use as temporary or permanent on-site storage for your business. They are designed to keep both the contents and personnel safe, allowing users to optimize workspace wherever they go. From warehouses and factories to sporting venues and educational campuses, our Portable Storage Units provide a secure way to store any type of equipment quickly, easily, and conveniently while enabling efficient movement of materials.

Construction & Industrial

Construction Sites need protection from theft and vandalism. Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage provides a variety of secure storage products to meet any construction or industrial need.

  • Store tools, equipment and materials in heavy gauge steel construction
  • High capacity floors and door openings designed for forklift and pallet jack use
  • 22 foot containers are perfect for plumbing, electrical and flooring contractors who need to store pipe, conduit and flooring material too long to fit in a standard 20 foot container
  • Double door units provide more light, access and ventilation options for a wide range of applications

Retail & Manufacturing Product Applications

Seasonal fluctuations in consumer demand require extra space for large influxes in inventory. Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage has the rental fleet to meet any retail account demands, large or small. Special incentives for longer rentals and multiple unit rentals are some of the services we can offer to the retail and manufacturing industry.

Medical & Business Product Applications

Emergency preparedness, storage of documents, supplies and equipment storage are some of the reasons that healthcare facilities, churches, and the business services community use Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage units. If you need more room for your growing business we can provide the storage solution.

Hotels & Restaurants Product Applications

Hotel properties undergo minor and major remodels on an annual basis. Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage can provide the temporary storage needed to undertake the projects. With our fleet of delivery trucks we are able to move high volumes of containers quickly. Food Industry locations also have demands for extra storage for non-perishable goods and equipment. Delivered to your site, you can rest assured that your stored items are safe and secure during your temporary or long term storage needs.

Parks & Recreation

Parks, Golf Courses, Resorts, Agricultural and Hunting Clubs all have seasonal needs for storing landscaping items, equipment, and supplies during peak seasons. Our steel containers offer the security you need whether in town or in a more remote location.

Academic & Government

Federal, State and local government agencies as well as Academic Facilities rely on quick, affordable and reliable suppliers. Whether your school needs extra space for sporting equipment or concessions during football season or the local armory needs to purchase new or used shipping containers for new deployments, Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage can supply the right product on time and on budget.

Contact Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage For Custom Portable Storage Solutions

Looking for Custom Portable Storage Solutions? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage is the perfect solution for any storage need, big or small. From homes and offices to warehouses and construction sites, military and government sites, we offer tailor-made Custom Portable Storage Solutions that are convenient and cost-effective. With decades of experience in industrial storage and mobile container sales, we’re confident in our ability to get you the right units quickly and efficiently. So, don’t wait; contact us today to find out more about Custom Portable Storage Solutions from Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage!