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Portable Storage Container for Sale: Knowing the Essentials

Aug 2, 2023

The Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage team has provided companies and individuals in Arkansas and our neighboring states with high-quality portable storage containers for nearly 30 years.

We have worked with companies across varying industries and value the relationships we have built with our vendors and customers.

If you’re searching for a portable shipping container, you can be sure that our containers will exceed your expectations!

To help you feel more confident about working with us, check out a few types of businesses and agencies that have trusted our company and our product over the years.

The Military

Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage is privileged to provide the military with portable shipping containers. 

The containers are stackable and come in several sizes to accommodate different needs.

Steel shipping containers make great living quarters. Customize the containers to include plumbing and electrical, add your appliances, and include heat and air conditioning for temperature control.

Our portable shipping containers can also make great mobile medical clinics, command centers, and storage facilities for equipment.

Construction Companies

Since Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage first hit the ground, construction companies have used our shipping containers on their job sites.

Keeping tools secure overnight and knowing they will still be there in the morning is essential, and accessories like lock boxes and steel latch guards significantly reduce the likelihood of theft.

Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage’s shipping containers are durable, and additional modifications will increase their reliability.

Office containers also come in handy on construction sites. Keeping plans and documents onsite and meeting with clients in an air-conditioned environment away from noise and debris makes portable office containers a must-have on any job site.

Since there is a high probability of getting injured as a carpenter, having a mobile medical clinic readily available is a huge benefit, too.


Launching a retail business and opening a storefront is expensive, but Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage’s portable shipping containers offer a much more affordable and convenient solution.

Pop-up shops made from shipping containers are an excellent opportunity to grow your business and increase sales. 

The ability to transport them makes it easier to reach new customers. Plus, weekly events like street fairs and farmer’s markets are a great place to start with your pop-up retail shop.

Buy a Portable Storage Container from Hugg & Hall

We are excited to continue providing top-tier products and services to every customer, returning and new.

Contact Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage today, and we’ll deliver Arkansas’s best shipping container right to your doorstep.

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