Government and Military Sales

Capability Statement: Government and Military Sales

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Hugg Mobile Storage Systems Inc. DBA Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage was formed as an Arkansas corporation in 1995. Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage provides portable steel storage containers and offices for rent or sale to the construction, manufacturing, government, retail, hotel, and business industry. Wherever storage space is needed, Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage can supply your needs on time and on budget. These high-security, all-steel storage containers, and offices provide short or long-term temporary storage delivered directly to the customer’s location.

Growing Government and Military Business Relationships

The relationship between the government and military and portable storage has been a growing one. Governments around the world have taken to portable storage solutions due to their convenience, cost efficiency, and capability to hold sensitive materials securely. Whether it’s in transportation or storage, portable solutions help governments and militaries save time and money while keeping data secure without compromising organization regulations. Portable storage provides an invaluable asset to the government and military, allowing them to stay organized on the go while also keeping their information safe. With portable storage becoming increasingly popular in government and military circles, they can see why they should consider investing in portable storage as a resource going forward.

Sales And Rentals

For rent or sale to customers from many industries: military, construction, manufacturing, retail, and business services. Constructed from modified steel storage containers, our portable office/living quarters units are 8’ wide, 8’-6” or 9’-6” tall, and available in a range of lengths from 10’ to 53’. These units are heated and cooled and can include a number of finishes such as countertops, fold-down plan tables, lighting, personnel doors, painted stud walls, floor covering, plumbing fixtures, and appliances.

CAGE Code: 43JY8
DUNS : 949091367

Military Government Examples For Usage

Portable storage units have long been popular among military and government organizations, particularly when the need for secure and easily transportable storage arises. Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage is a well-known provider of portable storage solutions with over 27 years of experience in the industry. Portable storage lends itself to many military government operations such as transportation of equipment, document and item organization, training exercises, shelter components, site preparation, and more. Utilizing Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage’s extensive inventory of customizable options allows military and government organizations flexibility in their operations with trucks that can be specialized to accommodate unique needs while guaranteeing the highest standards of security. With constant innovation and modern technology increasingly incorporated into our products, using Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage provides comfort that it is possible to perform tasks securely without disruption or time delays.