Important Information


When you receive your rental container, please take the time to inspect it for signs of previous water entry, openings or any other damages to the container that may allow water or rodents to enter and potentially damage your goods. When you load or utilize the container for the first time, you are telling Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage that you are accepting the container in its current condition and that it is acceptable for your intended purposes.



As you are aware, Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage containers are predominantly steel. Over time, exposure to the weather can cause steel to rust, pit and boil. Occasionally boils become holes. This is why it’s important for you to routinely check for leaks and to perform minor repairs to the container to avoid the potential for damage to your goods. Or, be sure to call us for repairs or replacement of your unit before any damage is done.



Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage charges a monthly damage waiver to protect our container against minor damages (graffiti, holes, scratches, etc.) that may occur on your site. This damage waiver does not cover you or your goods placed in the container. We recommend that you self insure as needed to secure your goods against potential damages. If the items stored inside the container are damaged the liability rests with you the customer, so please be sure to speak to an insurance professional about insurance options available.



Once your container has been delivered and on the ground, take a look at the lower four corners of the unit. If any of those corners are not touching the ground, please be sure to shim those corners with blocks of wood to create a solid foundation before loading the unit. Unshored units can cause the doors to go out of square and not open and close properly.



It’s important that you assess the location where you want to place the container. Avoid placing it in low lying areas in case of flooding. If you have no options, we recommend the use of blocks of wood or concrete to elevate the container in these areas as you see fit.



Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage asks that you not store any of the following materials in our containers: no illegal, toxic, waste, contaminated, controlled, hazardous, restricted, explosive, flammable, chemical, paint material of any kind, nor any inherently dangerous materials of any kind.



Occasionally, but rarely, a container will be sited or impounded for improper placement. The placement of the container is in your hands at time of delivery. Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage recommends you pursue the proper permits necessary for your placement of the unit. Any tickets, fines, impound fees, etc. will be your responsibility.