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Speed is everything. Normal delivery time can be as quick as same day if necessary. Deliveries are made using our company-owned and operated trucks and trailers by Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage employee drivers. Our drivers are professional and prioritize safety. They undergo thorough security background checks and drug testing, adhering to the industry's highest standards.

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Site Preparation

The only thing you need to worry about is that the surface is fairly level, smooth, and firm. We can deliver on dirt as long as it is not too soft. We can also deliver on cement, pavement, asphalt, gravel or grass.

The Delivery Process

The driver will back into the area, raise his trailer up approximately 15 feet in the air, and then the container will slide off the back of the trailer onto the ground. The driver will need to pull straight out from under the container.

Space Required for Delivery

A common inquiry in Frequently Asked Questions is the amount of space required is minimal. For a 20′ storage container, you will need approximately 60 feet of straight clearance. For a 40′ container, you will need approximately 100 feet of straight clearance. The width requirement is approximately 10 feet.

Space Requirements for 20' Containers

Space Requirements for 40' Containers

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