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Declutter With a Mobile Storage Container for Mother’s Day

May 14, 2023

Mobile storage containers make it simple to maintain a clutter-free home. And chances are, your wife or mom spends a lot of time keeping the house clean and organized.

Flowers, cards, and a nice meal are a must for every mom on Mother’s Day, but a break from cleaning is the greatest gift of all.

Check out why Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage’s mobile storage containers are a great addition to every Mother’s Day gift.

Major Benefits of Mobile Storage Containers

  1. Renting a mobile storage container with Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage is incredibly convenient because of our quick and easy delivery service options. As a bonus, if you ever require assistance unpacking items from your container, our team also offers unloading services.
  2. The ability to modify your container, like adding shelving and windows, makes organizing and locating your items hassle-free.
  3. Your wife or mom will appreciate the effort you put into making sure the home is easier to manage without throwing out or donating the items that matter most to your family.
  4. If you need more convincing, you can find a more comprehensive list of the Seven Benefits of Renting a Mobile Storage Unit with Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage.

What to store: 

  1. Important documents, like deeds and medical records.
  2. Sentimental items, like arts, crafts, and baby clothes.
  3. Family heirlooms and antiques.
  4. Holiday and seasonal decorations.
  5. Patio furniture and pool floaties.
  6. Bikes, surfboards, skis, and other sports equipment. Installing a bicycle & apparel rack kit from Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage will make room for other items, increasing the storage capacity of your container.
  7. Almost anything that is not immediately necessary, but should still be on hand for use–like shovels, extra lighting, and chairs–can be stored in your mobile storage container!

Keeping your belongings safe: 

  1. Steel doors featuring latch guards secure your mobile storage container and keep burglars at bay.
  2. Consider requesting additional accessories and modifications like lock boxes for extra protection. 
  3. If you’re planning to customize your container with windows, make sure they latch from the inside to prevent theft as well as water and air leakage.
  4. Now that your storage container is resistant to theft, it’s essential to consider climate control customizations to keep your items safe from extreme weather changes and high humidity. Thankfully, the design of mobile storage containers makes them durable, so in the unfortunate event of a powerful storm or other natural disasters, your items will withstand any potential damage.

Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage for All Your Holiday Needs

Contact us today, and our Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage team will deliver your mobile storage container to a location of your choice just in time for Mother’s Day.

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