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Declutter the Easy Way By Incorporating Mobile Storage Units

Aug 19, 2023

Mobile storage units bring relief to people who are opposed to traditional self-storage methods. From aiding as temporary storage solutions during renovations to serving as event storage facilities, you can’t underrate the work of these movable containers.

All you need is to engage a reputable provider like Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage to help with your unique storage needs. Let’s dig deeper to learn more about mobile storage units and how to incorporate them into your spaces.

What Is a Mobile Storage Unit?

Mobile Storage Units (MSUs), also known as “movable warehouses,” are portable storage solutions designed to be placed at various locations. The unit is a steel, weather-resistant container used to store all kinds of items. 

Portable storage solutions usually come in handy in areas where there are inadequate protective structures. The common sizes of units used are between 160 and 320 square feet. Storage units are normally 20ft or 40ft long and are customizable to each user’s preference. We also have 8ft by 10ft storage containers. 

MSUs are placed on firm, flat surfaces by using hydraulic truck beds. When planning a location for your unit, consider where to place the movable warehouse. 

What are Mobile Storage Units Used For?

Mobile storage units have varied uses. For instance, if your home is under renovation, the home storage unit can help you keep your belongings in order instead of squeezing into the kid’s bedroom. Or, you can use the unit to temporarily pack your items and live normally.

Other uses of portable storage options include:

  • Moving Purposes: Homeowners can use portable storage units to temporarily store their belongings before transporting them to new locations.
  • Decluttering: Decluttering with mobile units is a convenient way to store excess belongings in offices or homes, thus creating new space.
  • Seasonal storage: Event planners and other people use the units for seasonal item storage for things like holiday decorations, outdoor furniture, and sporting equipment.
  • Business Storage: Companies and other corporate entities use business document storage units to store documents, inventory, and equipment. 
  • Event Storage: Event organizers commonly utilize these event storage facilities to store event equipment, decorations, and materials storage before and after an event.
  • Disaster Recovery: Portable storage solutions can also be utilized to store belongings temporarily in case of natural disasters or emergencies.

How Big are Mobile Storage Units?

Portable storage solutions come in different sizes to accommodate every customer’s unique storage needs. Hugg & Hall’s storage units range from 10ft long to 40ft long and are all 8ft wide.

All storage units vary but are designed to fit within standard transportation regulations to ensure safety on the road. If you have any questions about what size works best for your project or application, our team is always happy to answer your questions.

Where Can You Place a Mobile Storage Unit?

Mobile storage units are made of sturdy materials that are versatile and can be placed in a variety of locations.

You can place your mobile storage unit in the following places:

  • For residential mobile storage, keep them in front yards, driveways, or your backyard.
  • On commercial properties, place units at loading docks, parking lots, or designated areas of your premises.
  • At construction sites, storage is used to store tools, equipment, and construction materials.
  • Event venues as temporary storage solutions during fairs, festivals, and other events.
  • At job sites for temporary storage at remote work locations.

However, it’s worth noting that mobile storage unit placement is subject to permits, local regulations, and property owner approval.

How to Get a Mobile Storage Unit

Getting a mobile storage unit requires you to make in-depth considerations. It’s like finding a best friend – you need to find the right fit.

When looking for the unit, here’s what to consider:


As a thumb rule, choose a unit large enough to accommodate your belongings. Even though you may be a novice, it’s essential to look into this feature to avoid the disappointment of settling on a smaller unit.

Our mobile storage unit sizes include:

  • Small is 80 square feet
  • Medium is 160 square feet
  • Large is 320 square feet


Besides looking into the size of the unit, security in storage units is paramount. Check if the unit is made of sturdy material and has a locking mechanism. This way, you won’t worry that your belongings may be susceptible to damage or theft.

Often, many people go for storage units to store expensive goods or fragile items. So, security shouldn’t be a gamble, and you should understand the unit’s technological specifications and limitations.


When looking for a storage unit provider, location is of the essence. Look for a provider with a site near you for convenience purposes.

You don’t have to stretch going out of your way to store your items in secure units. Preferably, choose a provider that can easily deliver the unit to your location. 

Climate Control

The climate also plays a crucial role when you want to hire a mobile storage unit. In case you have sensitive items, ensure the unit you’re going for has climate-controlled storage features.

You don’t want to suffer losses after your items get damaged because you didn’t factor in climate control.


Pricing is an important deciding aspect when budgeting. Ensure you go for affordable storage options within your budget.

Prices may vary according to each provider’s provision. There’s a likelihood for some providers to offer different package deals that may be cheaper compared to other pricing tiers. It’s noble to compare prices before you choose a mobile storage unit.


Everyone prioritizes safety when storing their items. No one wants mishaps after entrusting a storage provider with fragile or expensive items. A reason you should settle on a company with insurance is to ensure your belongings are insured.

In the event of theft or damage, your goods would be insured and have a guarantee of compensation. Make it a habit of inquiring from the provider about their insurance policy to know what is covered.

Terms of Service

Terms of service provide insight into what to expect when dealing with a company. Always ensure you understand it before signing the agreement. Make sure the company is transparent to help you digest all the legal clauses and what is expected of your engagement.

Important things to note in transparent terms of service include:

  • The duration you can keep the unit
  • What happens if products or services are used past the deadline
  • Applicable late fees
  • Penalties for early terminations
  • If the mobile storage unit is fit for perishable goods
  • Anything on the cancellation policy

Company Reputation

For a company to thrive, it has to have a good reputation. Go for a reputable storage provider that is trusted and transparent.

To ascertain the level of a company’s reputation, do a quick online search or heed the customer review section for comments.

Customer Service

Anytime someone intends to interact with a company, the first meeting point is customer care. No one wants to engage with unresponsive customer service at the inquiry stage. Make sure the customer service of the storage company is happy to go over the process with you and answer any questions you have.

From the selection of the unit to moving your items, they need to be helpful in case of problems along the way. It’s only a good service that will give you an easy time handling your belongings.

Experience the Convenience of Mobile Storage Units

When it comes to mobile storage, you have to go with a trusted storage provider that has your total satisfaction at heart. All you need to do is extensive research to give you a service provider with excellent customer care. If you abide by this, your experience with portable storage solutions will be incredible.

It’s a guarantee you’ll have an experience like no other when you contract us as your mobile storage unit provider. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ways to Incorporate Mobile Storage Units for Decluttering

How to maximize the space and improve efficiency with the help of mobile storage units?

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s crucial to keep your living or workspace organized and a clutter-free environment. One great solution is to utilize mobile storage units. These versatile units have a range of advantages, allowing you to declutter and optimize your space effectively.

What are the benefits of using mobile storage units?

  • Maximizing Space: Mobile storage units are designed to make the most of your available space. They can be easily moved around, allowing you to adjust your storage setup according to your needs.
  • Reducing Clutter: By providing designated areas for your belongings, mobile storage units help reduce clutter and create a living or working environment.
  • Versatility: Whether you need to organize your home office, garage, or bedroom, mobile storage units are adaptable to different spaces and purposes.
  • Convenient Accessibility: These units are equipped with shelves and drawers, making it effortless to access your items while keeping them neatly stored.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Mobile storage units come in a variety of styles and finishes, not only enhancing the aesthetics of your space but also providing practical storage.

What are the ways to incorporate mobile storage units for decluttering?

  • Home Office Organization: Keep your workspace neat and efficient by using mobile storage units to store office supplies, files, and paperwork. You can roll them under your desk or position them nearby for easy access.
  • Kitchen Pantry Solutions: Maximize your kitchen storage by using mobile carts with shelves to store pantry items, cookware, and small appliances. This reduces countertop clutter and keeps your kitchen functional.
  • Garage Cleanup: Organize your garage with mobile storage units to store tools, gardening equipment, and seasonal items. Their mobility allows you to rearrange as needed for different projects.
  • Closet Expansion: If your closet space is limited, mobile storage units can serve as additional clothing and shoe storage. They can be easily rolled in and out of your closet to access your wardrobe efficiently.
  • Children’s Room: Create a clutter-free and safe environment for your children by utilizing mobile storage units to store toys, art supplies, and books. They can be moved around to accommodate playtime or study sessions.

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