Accessories & Mods

Lock Boxes & Locks

Ask about our Lock Specials
Hugg & Hall has a variety of security products available for your needs. From ultra-high security locks, to sturdy construction, we’ ve got the stuff to ensure a secure worksite. Security Lockboxes keep your lock out-of-view of would-be thieves.

Doors & Windows

Steel Doors with Latchguards
Deadbolts & Raingutters

We can put windows where you need them. Need special door placement due to job-site logistics? We can do that. Every box is fully customizable.


A lot of customers need specialized storage needs, and we aim to please, providing shelving systems for both the big and small boxes.

We also have Bicycle & Apparel Rack Kits.

Finished Interiors

Hugg & Hall can provide complete finish out from steel studs, insulation R16, electrical, heat and & a/c units. We can finish out the interior of any box, any way you’d like.

Roll-Up Doors

You’ve got to have easily accessable storage? Roll up door units are the perfect storage solution.

Custom Colors

If your team, or your school is important to you, let us help you show some spirit and paint your container whatever color you want.