Vision and Values

Vision and Values Hugg & Hall Shares


As we share our vision and values with you, we also share that through leadership, teamwork and dedication we will provide excellent products and services to our customers; opportunity and enrichment for our employees; value to our key suppliers, and a superior return for our shareholders. Through this vision we will ensure the long term viability of the corporation.

At Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage we are dedicated to a consistent sense of integrity and responsibility. We enthusiastically approach every customer with the purpose of listening to and understanding our customer’s needs, satisfying those needs with high quality products, services and information, delivered on time at a fair price. This is central to our vision and values.

We are continually looking for ways to improve our service and selection by adding new products and services and we believe that is the difference in our longevity. We look forward to the opportunity to prove ourselves as your onsite storage solution.

Jim Hugg

Core Vision and Values

Called to Service

Another core part of our vision and values is the quality of service we provide to our clients ultimately depends on how well we serve each other. Look tor opportunities to serve each other. The attitude must be continually practiced, cultivated and developed.

Personal Discipline

Keep the commitments we make, be it to ourselves, our clients, or each other. Be faithful to the small things as well as the large.

Short Accounts

Short accounts mean keeping relationships current and dealing with issues immediately. Never put off for tomorrow what can be resolved today. Make it a priority to be reconciled to one another.


Personal honesty is more than just telling the truth; it means taking responsibility for our own actions. Honesty means doing and being what is right no matter the consequences. This is a vital part of our vision and values.

Collaborative Vs. Celebrate

Hugg and Hall Mobile Storage is full of very talented, gifted, capable people who can accomplish extraordinary things when working as a team. None of us is talented enough to “do it all.”

Balanced Life

One of our core-values is to never confuse having a career with having a life. While you are growing professionally, take responsibility tor developing spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of your life.

Excellence Vs. Perfection

Our reputation and success are predicated on providing excellent service and designs to our clients. Learn to recognize when you are moving past excellence toward the unattainable goal of perfection at great cost to the office and yourself.

Freedom to Create

Creativity happens best in an atmosphere of grace and freedom where the creativity in each will flourish and be stretched. We must recognize that with freedom comes responsibility. This freedom of creativity is critical to our vision and values.

Joy in the Journey

Choose joy in all you do and you will bring joy to those around you, for your attitude will be contagious. Delight in the small victories, look for the best in everyone and everything and take comfort in times of distress.

Stewardship Vs. Ownership

We recognize that we are part of a continuous line of people who have the responsibility to take care of the world we have been blessed with. Look for ways both small and large that our work and actions will allow future generations to provide for themselves.

Relationships that Last

At Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage we are committed to developing long-term relationships with clients, office staff, drivers and other team members. We recognize that relationships last beyond our period of working together. So we focus on keeping them healthy and positive. Our hope is that all who come in contact with Hugg and Hall Mobile Storage will grow and mature both professionally and personally. The most vital of all of our vision and values, relationships that last.

People Before Projects

Relationships are paramount. People (clients and staff),  and the relationships we have with them, should always come before any projects with which we are involved.


Effective leadership is about bringing out the best in people. At Hugg and Hall Mobile Storage, we lead by serving. Leadership is cultivated at all levels of our team to successfully accomplish the project’s goals and mission.

Bold and Courageous

At Hugg and Hall Mobile Storage we encourage people to step out of their comfort zone, and use their gifts to tackle important issues in innovative and exciting ways that continue to support our vision and values. 

We thank you for trusting us and hope that our vision statement and core values will help you understand why we are the go-to choice for mobile storage solutions. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and being your partner in business.

Thank you,

Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage Team.