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4 Facts About Roll-Up Doors for Shipping Containers for Sale

Jan 9, 2024

The versatility and effectiveness of roll-up doors have led to their increased demand. This is evident in the research done by Transparency Market Research, which showed that the roll-up door market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8% by 2031. 

However, there is a lot to learn about roll-up doors for shipping containers for sale before deciding which to use.

As a result, here are four facts about roll-up doors for shipping containers for sale that will help you understand the different types, fire-rated and insulated options, cost-effectiveness, and customization potential of these doors.

1. Three Types of Roll-Up Doors

Because there are three types of roll-up doors, ensure that you understand them before selecting one. These include:

  1. Light-duty roll-up doors are suitable if you won’t be using the shipping container for long. It’s perfect for shipping containers with minimal wear and tear. It’s also less expensive than medium or heavy-duty roll-up doors. So if you are on a tight budget, light-duty roll-up doors are the cost-effective approach.
  2. Medium-duty roll-up doors for moderate wear, and if you are concerned about the security of the assets inside the shipping container. 
  3. Heavy-duty roll-up doors if you are going to use the shipping container frequently and you want a durable solution. However, this solution is expensive but cost-effective in the long run.

If you choose the incorrect roll-up door, you may face poor outcomes such as:

  1. Leaving your shipping container vulnerable to theft or unauthorized access.
  2. Lead to frequent breakdowns because of accelerated wear and tear.
  3. Results in energy inefficiency if the roll-up door does not cover up the space therefore it lacks proper insulation.
  4. Compromise insurance coverage in case of an incident.

2. Fire-Rated and Insulated Roll-Up Doors Differ

Depending on the nature of your business or what you need to use the shipping container for, you can have a fire-rated or insulated roll-up door. 

The table below shows the differences between fire-rated and insulated roll-up shipping container doors.

FeatureFire-Rated Roll-Up DoorsInsulated Roll-Up Doors
Primary PurposeResists fire spreadEnhances thermal insulation
Construction MaterialsFire-resistant materialsInsulated properties materials
FunctionalityPrioritizes safety during a fire emergencyEnhances energy efficiency and temperature regulation
ApplicationCritical areas where fire safety is crucial, such as warehouses storing flammable materialsAreas that require consistent temperature control, such as refrigerated storage
Environmental ImpactAddresses fire safety concernsReducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

You can also opt to have one with a combination of fire-rated and insulated roll-up doors. Having a roll-up door with both features provides a versatile solution against fire and weather conditions. However, this option may have a higher upfront cost but it’s a worthy investment in the long run.

3. Using Roll-Up Doors Will Save You Money in the Long Run

Roll-up doors are more expensive to install than other types of doors due to the complexity of the moving parts required. However, the investment has long-term benefits because of their durability and multi-functionality. 

These benefits include:

1. Lower maintenance costs especially if you use shipping containers from us. Steel shipping containers are resistant to corrosion, rust, and harsh weather conditions which minimizes the need for frequent repairs and maintenance.

2. Enhanced security as most roll-up doors come with additional security features like padlocks or keypads. These security measures deter unauthorized access to your inventory, equipment, or belongings.

3. Maximizes usable space as roll-up doors do not take up much space when opened. Hence, you avoid the cost of constant maintenance and repairs especially if you install the right roll-up door.

4. You Can Customize the Roll-Up Doors

Customizing your roll-up doors has benefits like advanced security measures and increased onsite efficiency. 

However, to customize your roll-up doors, consider these factors:

  • Before you start on any customization, have a professional ensure that the features adhere to local building codes and safety regulations.
  • Have a pro measure the exact specifications for the roll-up door. It will ensure that you install the perfect fit for your shipping container.
  • Use the correct materials depending on how you want to use the shipping container. You can use a fire-resistant and insulated roll-up door to ensure its resilience and longevity.
  • Have an expert install more advanced security features such as advanced locking mechanisms or reinforced panels. You can also insist on biometric technology such as fingerprint or retina scanning for access control.The advantage of using biometrics even though it’s an expensive technology upgrade is that each person’s fingerprint is unique, making it highly secure for authentication.
  • Use color and finishing touches on the roll-up door to match your brand or the overall aesthetic of the space. You can include a mural or a logo to showcase your brand so that even when you have closed the doors, you can still advertise your business.
  • Consider future needs and integrated customized options that take into account future needs, This way you help save costs on upgrades or more customization in the future.

Leverage High-Quality Steel Shipping Containers 

To install sturdy roll-up doors, you need a steel shipping container, and at Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage, we pride ourselves on offering reliable and durable storage solutions.

We have a diverse range of storage solutions that you can select and install a roll-up door on, tailored to your individual needs.

Also, our shipping containers are built with heavy-duty steel frames and weatherproof features. This improves durability while enhancing security. In addition, we provide customization features such as shelving systems, painting the shipping container to match your brand and aesthetics, and logo placement.

Contact us today or call us at (844) 466-1267 to help you choose the perfect storage solution for you so that you can add a roll-up door for your project!

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