10 Facts to Know When Buying Ground-Level Office Containers

February 15, 2024

10 Facts to Know When Buying Ground-Level Office Containers

Ground-level office containers are popular among businesses such as construction companies. In addition to being affordable and customizable, they are easy to install. Besides, they offer room for expansion as your business grows.

Apart from cost, what else should you know before buying an office container? If this is your concern, you are in the right place.

This article summarizes ten facts to know when buying ground-level office containers. Read on and find out more.

Facts to Know When Buying Ground-Level Office Containers 

Buying ground-level office containers is an investment with risks. Before you order a container, check out the following 10 facts: 

  1. Container condition varies. Companies selling shipping containers for commercial and residential use display pictures in perfect condition. However, that is not what you will always receive. Some used shipping containers get damaged during transportation. 

To avoid falling into this trap, research diligently about the company before making an order. Note that cargo worthless (CWO) and wind and water tight (WWT) are the main features used to rate containers. 

A container can meet the above conditions with gaps in its structure. If the damage is extreme, the container becomes unsuitable for housing. Customer reviews and product specifications can help you know what quality to expect from a company.

  1. Ground level containers are expensive. Although the cost of ground-level office containers is lower than the cost of constructing a building, they are still expensive. You should evaluate your financial position before you commit to buying an office container. 

If the purchase price is high, your business will experience financial constraints. A solution to this is the rent-to-own mobile units to meet your office needs before you have enough financial bandwidth. Hugg & Hall offers customers affordable options without credit checks or deposits. You only need to sign a month-to-month agreement and you’ll receive your unit within three days.

  1. Buy from a reputable company to ensure you get after-sales support. Ground-level office containers get “scars” while being loaded or unloaded. With about 20,000 TEU in large ships, containers will occasionally bang against each other.

After-sale support is therefore crucial in this case. Hugg & Hall values good relationship with customers. Our professional employees work with customers to ensure our products suit their needs.

  1. Most shipping containers have rust and leaks. If you are purchasing a used container, expect dents and gaps in its structure. Exposure to harsh conditions during shipment accelerates rusting. 

A rusty container full of dents is not what you need. Therefore, choose corten steel containers because they are durable and rust resistant. You can visit your provider’s website and explore the products available and their features to know what material to expect.

  1. Getting a container to buy is challenging. Most of the containers at the port are full of cargo and not for sale. You need a reputable provider to help you source containers from global providers. Getting a ready-to-use office container is hard. Thanks to our dedicated employees, you will get an office container customized to your specifications.
  1. Ground level containers’ doors should be square to enhance easy opening and closing. You don’t want to receive a container with malfunctioning doors. Therefore, choose containers with square doors on each end. In addition, the doors should be wide to enhance ventilation and regulate heat and humidity.
  1. Prepare enough space for the truck and shipping container. Inadequate space can make container drop-off a nightmare for your provider. You should prepare enough space for the truck and container for a seamless process. 

The extra space for offloading depends on container size. A large container needs more space to help your provider place it at the right spot and help you install it.

  1. Cargo volume determines the price. The size and capacity of a container determine its price, unlike other goods whose price depends on market demand. Note that cargo volume is not only about the available space.

A large container should be flexible and adaptable for transporting various goods. If the price tag of your ground-level office container is higher than expected, understand the cause. 

  1. CSC inspection is necessary if you are exporting. Business owners purchasing ground-level shipping containers need them for housing. Unless you are exporting goods, a CSC survey is unnecessary. Remember you have to pay a professional to conduct the survey. In addition to extra expenses, you have to wait for your container until the inspection is over. Hugg & Hall offers customers quality containers customized for different businesses. We guarantee you a quality and inexpensive setup when you buy our containers.
  1. Your container can get damaged during delivery. Despite spending a lot of money on delivery fees, your container can get damaged during transportation or installation. Ensure you agree with your provider beforehand on who should meet the repair cost when such disasters happen. 

Buy Affordable Ground Level Office Containers Today 

Ground-level office containers offer businesses affordable housing solutions. They are easy to install hence time-saving. However, you should understand the shipping container market and what to expect before you order. 

The above 10 facts to know when buying ground-level office containers should help you make informed decisions. For example, getting your unit from a reputable company is crucial to avoid disappointment from unmet expectations. 

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