The Ultimate Shipping Container Storm Shelter

April 11, 2023

The Ultimate Shipping Container Storm Shelter

Shipping container

Meet STORMBOX: Hugg & Hall’s NSSA-approved shipping container storm shelter designed to keep Arkansas residents safe during natural disasters.

The desire for shipping container storm shelters has increased as natural disasters and extreme weather conditions continue to cause significant injuries and loss of life every year.

With the ever-present risk of tornadoes and hurricanes in Arkansas and neighboring states, the Hugg & Hall team got to work engineering and perfecting an incredibly durable shipping container storm shelter to keep our communities safe.

The storm shelter is called STORMBOX.

How reliable is STORMBOX

The professionally engineered design of STORMBOX makes it strong enough to withstand tornadoes, hurricanes, and other extreme weather conditions.

Texas Tech’s Debris Impact Facility enforces FEMA 361 and ICC 500 guidelines by testing a storm shelter’s durability during simulated high-wind conditions. These tests put storm shelters through powerful winds of up to 318 mph, the wind speed of an F5 tornado.

STORMBOX passed Texas Tech’s National Wind Institute Debris Impact Test, making it the second Texas Tech-certified above-ground shelter in Arkansas and solidifying its reputation as a reliable shipping container storm shelter.

It never hurts to double-check

Every newly built STORMBOX must also pass an intense quality inspection before being delivered and installed.

To learn more about the fabrication and preparation processes, check out STORMBOX: How It Works.

Where to set up STORMBOX

People will typically find STORMBOX on school grounds and corporate campuses

With the biggest design built to shelter 50 people safely, the suggestion is that highly populated schools and workplaces place more than one STORMBOX on the property.

Neighborhoods, parks, shopping centers, and other high-traffic areas would also benefit from a STORMBOX installation.

Who can use STORMBOX

Everyone near STORMBOX can seek shelter during a tornado and other natural disasters. Because STORMBOX is also ADA-compliant elderly and disabled people can safely enter STORMBOX.


Natural disasters are a part of life, but we can better manage the loss of life and the immense impact these disasters have on our communities by incorporating shipping container storm shelters in our campuses, workplaces, and other public spaces.
Contact us today, and our Hugg & Hall team will get your STORMBOX order processed, built, and set up quickly.