10 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Mobile Storage Unit

January 7, 2023

10 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Mobile Storage Unit

Let’s Make the Most Out of Your Mobile Storage Container

If you’re looking for a way to free up space and get organized, then a mobile storage unit from Hugg and Hall is the perfect solution. With their cutting-edge design and convenient features, mobile storage units can provide an easy way to declutter your home or office in no time. Here are 10 tips to make the most out of your mobile storage unit:

  1. Start by measuring the area and determining what size mobile storage unit you need. Hugg and Hall have options that range from 5 x 8 feet, all the way up to 12 x 24 feet – so you are sure to find one that fits your space perfectly.
  2. Place lighter items at the top of your mobile storage unit, and heavier items at the bottom. This will help evenly distribute weight throughout your unit, ensuring that all items stay secure during transport.
  3. Label each box with a brief description of its contents before putting it into your mobile storage unit. This will help you easily locate items when unpacking later on.
  4. Use dividers or bins within boxes for additional organization & protection from breakage on fragile items such as glassware or electronics.
  5. Take advantage of climate-controlled options if you plan on storing sensitive materials such as furniture & documents for long periods of time in your mobile storage unit – climate control helps keep temperatures constant & reduces the chances of damage caused by drastic weather changes & insects/rodents entering the unit through small openings due to humidity shifts & mold growth over time.
  6. Stay away from packing wooden furniture directly onto metal shelves as this can cause rust stains over time – instead, opt for using pallets between furniture pieces or covering any metal surfaces with old bedsheets/blankets before placing them into the unit.
  7. Make use of vertical space whenever possible- stack items onto shelves or utilize hanging racks inside your mobile storage unit so more items fit without taking up too much square footage!
  8. Keep things off the floor by using racks/shelves that mount onto walls inside your unit- this helps conserve valuable ground space while also allowing more flexibility when it comes time to arrange/rearrange contents inside the container.
  9. When in doubt, invest in bubble wrap! Wrapping delicate objects like dishes/glassware protects them from getting scratched or broken during transit+storage periods- so don’t skip out on this important step before placing everything into its designated spot!
  10. Invest in good quality locks for extra security – along with keeping an eye on who has access (and doesn’t) outside around where you store your belongings, good quality locks ensure that no unauthorized persons enter or tamper with contents stored inside these self-storage containers.

With these simple tips, you can make sure that storing items in a portable self-storage container goes smoothly and safely! Whether you’re cleaning up clutter around the house or upgrading to a larger business premise, Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage will help keep things safe and organized no matter where life takes you! Contact us to learn how we can help you.