January 28, 2016


Storage Container

As much as we’d like to think a storm wouldn’t come near a school, the truth is that everything is fair game in a tornado’s path. STORMBOX is a great solution to this need for safety on your campus. From day cares and elementary schools to high schools and colleges, here are a few reasons why a STORMBOX is ideal for your school’s safety.


If STORMBOX were a student on your campus, they’d be at the top of the class. Each unit meets FEMA 361 & ICC 500 standards, and has passed the industry-standard Debris Impact Test at Texas Tech’s National Wind Institute. Plus, the whole structure is bolted numerous times into a concrete foundation that is secured deep in the ground.


STORMBOX units come in different sizes, so you may want a larger unit for more populous areas of campus. However, you can strategically place multiple shelters around campus to ensure quick access for everyone. Since STORMBOX units are above-ground, placement is flexible and actually provides easy access for wheelchairs, walkers & others with mobility challenges.


When it comes to above-ground tornado shelters, quality is essential. Lucky for our customers, STORMBOX units are also affordable. Each unit is constructed by our talented and experienced team, and must meet the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) requirements. Last but not least, each and every STORMBOX unit must pass a quality assurance test before being delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keeping The Campus Safe With Stormbox

What is Stormbox, and how can it enhance campus safety?

Stormbox is an innovative mobile storage system that improves campus safety and organization. It offers secure storage compartments that can be customized to store personal belongings, equipment, and more. By keeping items secure and accessible, Stormbox enhances overall campus security.

How does Stormbox ensure the security of stored items?

  • Stormbox offers a range of lockable storage compartments that can be customized to suit your campus needs. From personal belongings to important equipment, you can keep items secure and organized.
  • Multiple size options are available, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your campus facilities, whether it’s for classrooms, offices, or common areas.

Are Stormbox storage compartments easily accessible?

Yes, Stormbox is designed with user-friendliness in mind.

  • Stormbox is easily accessible to stored items. With intuitive locking mechanisms and quick retrieval, you can save time and streamline daily operations.
  • The system is designed with students and staff in mind, providing hassle-free access for authorized personnel while maintaining strict security.

Can Stormbox withstand harsh weather conditions?

Definitely! Stormbox is constructed with weather-resistant materials, making it durable enough to endure various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. This durability ensures the safety of stored items.

How does Stormbox optimize campus space?

Stormbox’s space-saving design allows campuses to maximize their available space. By consolidating storage into a smaller footprint, it enhances the campus’s appearance and creates more open and functional areas.

Can Stormbox be customized to match our campus branding?

Yes, Stormbox offers customization options:

  • It can be tailored to match your campus’s branding and aesthetic preferences. Custom colors, logos, and finishes are available to seamlessly integrate the system into your campus’s design.
  • Personalizing your Stormbox units enhances your campus’s overall appearance while reinforcing a sense of belonging among students and staff.

What types of campus facilities benefit from Stormbox?

Stormbox is versatile and can benefit a wide range of campus facilities. It is suitable for classrooms, offices, and common areas, offering flexibility and adaptability to meet the unique needs of each environment.

Is Stormbox easy to use for students and staff?Yes, Stormbox is designed for ease of use. Its intuitive features make it accessible for students and staff, ensuring a hassle-free experience while maintaining security.

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With STORMBOX, both faculty and parents can have peace of mind that there’s a safe place to go when storms hit. For more information on how STORMBOX can protect your campus, please call (844) 466-1267!