Keep Your Community Safe With STORMBOX

January 22, 2016

Keep Your Community Safe With STORMBOX

stormbox storage container

Whether it’s for your neighborhood or entire town,  STORMBOX brings safety and peace of mind to you and your friends in the event of a tornado or severe storm. Here are some aspects of our STORMBOX units that are perfect for any community.


Each and every STORMBOX unit is tested and meets all necessary standards such as FEMA 361 & ICC 500. It has passed the Debris Impact Test at Texas Tech’s National Wind Institute. Plus, the shelter is bolted into a concrete foundation, so it’s going to weather the storm.


Another notable aspect of the STORMBOX is its accessibility. Since it’s ground level, there’s easy access for wheelchairs, walkers & others with mobility challenges. These storm shelters come in a variety of sizes, so choose accordingly.


Quality is our number one priority with all Hugg & Hall products, especially the STORMBOX. Each unit is built by our talented construction team using rigid design requirements, and is inspected for quality assurance before being delivered.

As you can see, STORMBOX units are state-of-the-art above-ground tornado shelters for a neighborhood or community. For more information on how STORMBOX can protect you and your family from harm’s way, please call (844) 466-1267!