January 10, 2016


Stormbox how it works

STORMBOX provides a safe place where families, neighbors, coworkers and
students can gather together when storms hit. These above-ground, ADA-accessible tornado shelters are professionally engineered and tested.

Here’s how to get yours:


Choose from the different sizes of our professionally designed and
engineered STORMBOX. We offer a variety of sizes, including our 10, 20, and 40-foot units.


Your STORMBOX is built by a highly skilled construction team using
impact-tested materials and components.


While your STORMBOX is being fabricated, our team will strip the soil, and then form and place the concrete foundation for your STORMBOX. This only takes about two days.


The STORMBOX is loaded on a truck and delivered to the site.


The crane picks up the STORMBOX from the truck and then places it on the foundation. Our construction team then bolts the STORMBOX firmly into the foundation.

And that’s that! We can have everything installed within 90 days of the contract, so it’s quick and painless. You and your community will have peace of mind knowing they will have a safe place to weather the storm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stormbox

What is the Anatomy of the Stormbox?

  • Modular Design: Stormbox is designed with modularity in mind. It comprises a set of stackable and interlocking storage units that can be customized to fit your unique needs and space constraints.
  • Durable Materials: These storage units are constructed from high-quality, durable materials to ensure longevity and withstand the test of time.
  • Stackable Configuration: The stackable nature of Stormbox allows you to build storage solutions vertically, optimizing your use of vertical space and maximizing storage capacity.

What is the working mechanism of the Stormbox?

  • Assembly: Stormbox units are easily assembled, thanks to their user-friendly design. You can quickly configure the units to suit your specific storage requirements.
  • Customization: With Stormbox, customization is key. You can choose from various unit sizes, drawer configurations, and finishes to match your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.
  • Stack and Lock: Once assembled, these units stack securely on top of each other, providing stability and ensuring that your storage solution remains secure.
  • Drawer Access: Stormbox features smooth-gliding drawers with ergonomic handles for easy access to your stored items. The drawers are spacious and designed to hold a wide range of belongings.

What are the adaptable applications of the Stormbox:

  • Home Organization: Stormbox is perfect for decluttering your home, whether you need to organize your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or closet. Its versatility ensures it can adapt to any space.
  • Office Efficiency: In the workplace, Stormbox enhances organization and efficiency by providing an elegant solution for storing office supplies, paperwork, and equipment.
  • Retail Display: Stormbox’s sleek design also makes it ideal for retail environments, allowing you to showcase products while keeping your space neat and inviting.

What is the advantage of the Stormbox? 

Stormbox offers a winning combination of modular design, durability, and customization options, making it the ideal choice for anyone seeking to declutter and optimize their living or working space. With Stormbox, you’re not just investing in storage; you’re investing in a solution that adapts to your needs and elevates your space’s functionality and aesthetics. Say goodbye to clutter and welcome the transformative power of Stormbox into your life.